came for the hotness, stayed for the ego boost

disclaimer: this is the lamest story you’ll ever read about Tinder.

I went on vacation during December and because YOLO, I downloaded Tinder 😱😱😱😱. if you’re one of my friends you know I always said stuff like Tinder is not for me, it’s just about appearances or what if there’s someone really cool but not photogenic at all? and things like that.

but I was on vacation and thought: what’s the worst thing that can happen… that I find the love of my life on Tinder? haha of course not. so I downloaded it, my friends explained me how to use it and the fun began.

I was with two guy friends that told me it was super difficult to get matches and then when you got one it was super difficult to have conversations. and I was like, I don’t care, I just wanna have fun. then, I liked many guys… it’s not my fault Italians are super hot.

I made screenshots of the hottest ones and sent them to my friends. something like postcards from Italy but without buying them or writing anything… they weren’t like postcards. all the screenshots I sent on WhatsApp only used this emoji: 👀. in the beginning, my friends didn’t believe I was using Tinder.

while talking with some guys at the hostel I got a notification: MATCH! minutes later, match again! that night I made like 3 matches. and I was like wtf, why did my friends told me it was super difficult? it was late and the next day we had to get up early to have some free breakfast so I went to sleep. spoiler alert: we didn’t get any breakfast and had to eat some pizza instead.

when I woke up I had some Tinder notifications: hello, how are you, how long are you staying here, ciao bella, bla, bla, bla. I didn’t go out with anyone because I’m super boring but I kept using Tinder.

so why did I keep using Tinder if I actually didn’t want to go out with anybody? BECAUSE MY EGO LIKED IT. hey, it doesn’t hurt when someone tells you how pretty you are or that they wanna go out with you. once I started matching guys, I couldn’t stop. I even got 3 new Instagram followers, way easier than having nice photos.

I learned that there are intense CrossFit guys everywhere; almost everybody states their height and are super tall; there are many Francescos, Simones and Pietros; everybody is super straightforward; and if you’re on holiday you get pretty cool local tips.

and to end this very interesting and relevant post, here are some highlights:

I wasn’t in Rome anymore but I wanted to know. when I told him I wasn’t there anymore it was like ☹️ but he wrote to me some days ago to say happy 2018, a 2018 full of seagulls.

very cheesy. that day I left Florence so impossible to meet. some days ago he wrote to me also and I asked if that pick-up line had worked with somebody else. also, he’s a cat lover.

great idea but no.

first of all, HOW DARE YOU?

i truly wanted to go out with him, he seemed super nerdy and interesting but timing wasn’t right.

I came back to Mexico with a pretty high self esteem and now using Tinder here is a tragedy. the important thing is that I’m healthy I guess.

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