I’ve worked for A LOT of clients… from nutritionists to universities to jewelry shops and even love hotels (!). here you’ll find some of the content I’m the proudest of. most of the social media content is in Spanish but know that I’ve been speaking English for the past 26 years of my life 🤓

blog posts

in this blog, you can find translated versions of my original posts in Spanish. these are my favorites:

we should all be feminists

coolest things I’ve learned since graduating

my favorite books atm

sorry, but I don’t get anything

I also write for Talk Travel App. you can find all that I’ve written here but here’s a selection:

9 things to do in Budapest

podcast about heritage places (and more) in India

best museums in Spain

how to pack for a summer in Europe

Mexico City travel guide

best travel movies

social media content

La Madriguera

a coworking space with several activities during the month, such as workshops, meetups, and mentorships.

accomplishments: grew the community from 0 to 6k across different platforms in 3 years.

mailing campaigns

for La Madriguera, I created monthly mailing campaigns that included the activities of the month. for that, I used MailChimp. I was also responsible for making the list growth. here are some examples of the mails I created: