ever met someone and told them: ay, it’s super hot in Cholula. and then they answer back: HOOOOOT? NO WAY… MONTERREY IS WAAAAY HOTTER. THAT’S REAL HEAT NOT LIKE THIS ONE, THAT’S THE REASON WE’RE SO HARDWORKING THERE BECAUSE WE HAVE TO GET OVER THE AWFUL WEATHER AND ASKJFAJS. well, this post is to announce you that from now on, I’ll be that awful person saying: HOT? NO WAY… HEAT IS WHAT I FELT DURING THE SUMMER OF 2019 IN BUDAPEST… I REALLY THOUGHT I COULD DIE.

I come from a small, beautiful, kitschy town. its name is Cholula. this beautiful town full of bikers, stray dogs, drunk people on the weekends, and molotes has very normal weather for me haha. or at least, not as extreme as this heat from hell. I mean, there’s a lot of rain from time to time. then it’s a little warm. sometimes it’s kinda cold. but now that I can compare it, it’s not this extreme! as always, you don’t know what you have until you’ve already lost it. ☝️

this is a nice photo, rain season is normally awful

I already knew it would be super hot before coming. BUT NOTHING HAD PREPARED ME TO BE MORE THAN 3 WEEKS ABOVE THE 30° C (even some days above 35° C). I packed 3 jeans that I’ve used just one time during these days. I packed 2 sweaters that make me sweat 🐷 just by looking at them. and btw, it’s super weird that I sweat but I haven’t stopped doing it in 4 weeks. this is me every day:


the thing with heat is that it makes you want to do nothing. if you go out from a place with air conditioning, you immediately feel the heat in your body. you start sweating right away and you start regretting how many clothes you’re wearing and start asking for forgiveness for all of your sins. according to my only reliable source on forecasts (Moritz), this has been the hottest June ever since records have been kept. since when have these records been kept? he doesn’t know. what does that even mean? no idea. what I know is that this is the hottest June that I have ever experienced in my life.

speaking of air conditioning, I’m not used to it. in my experience, you just open the window so that some air can get in and the heat is gone. in La Madriguera, our office is very warm. when it’s super hot, we just open the window and if that’s not enough we just go downstairs. we don’t need air conditioning… yet.

quick story about air conditioning: one day, I turned on the air in the bedroom and suddenly a waterfall started falling from it. I was like… ummm, is this normal? turns out it isn’t. some minutes later I almost die when I slipped with the water that we thought we had already cleaned.

heat also brings some grown-up worries that I had never had. for example, bananas get black in a very short time. avocados get ripe super fast. I’m drinking water all the time and I can’t remember any other moment in my life when I used so many ice cubes. and, since I’m drinking water all the time, I’m also going to the bathroom all the time. my kidneys are kinda happy.

another thing that worries me is the dogs… they go everywhere with their owners. I just see that many dogs drag their owners to the shadow. fortunately, there are a lot of drinking fountains in the parks, I think they’re hydrated. hopefully, it is that way.

I have like 1000 photos of this doggo, sorry

apparently, heat also affects productivity. I’m the worst when it comes to productivity, just imagine me with the heat! I can’t concentrate enough. everytime I go to the beach I say that I could never live in a place so warm. now that I get to experience it, I can say I was always right. congratulations to me.

people aren’t suffering in the streets. or at least, they don’t seem to suffer. while I’m dying, people make their normal life and I’m very jealous. during the weekends a lot of people are sunbathing and getting drunk in the parks. another cool thing is that many bars and restaurants open their terraces. awesome for people watching.

I’m writing this while the temperature is 31° C. the terrace door is open and there are just like 2 clouds in the sky. the ice in my water melted in 3 minutes and the back of my knees is sweating. such is life.

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