when I meet people whose name is Luis or Pedro or Mariana here in Mexico I think nobody has ever said their names wrong. there are no doubts. Mariana will always be Mariana. also, nobody has questions on how to write it. I find it super nice.

if you’re reading this, you probably already know my name is Justine. it’s a very uncommon name in Mexico so it has caused many eyeroll moments in my life:


I’ve been called a lot of different names. I’ve also suffered a lot because of that. people always tell me my name is pretty… and it is. but it’s also a hassle! that’s why I created this FAQ about my name. enjoy!

how’s it written?

Justine. with an e in the end. because it’s French. and no, I don’t put an e in the end to make it look cooler. there are people who think my name is Justin and they write it like that. I always try to correct them but there are people that don’t even care. I had a client for 5 years that ALWAYS wrote my name wrong. don’t even think I didn’t correct him because I did… but whatever.

sometimes it’s me who’s embarrased of correcting people. ugh.

how’s it pronounced?

like juice-teen. if you speak French you’ll pronounce it in a nicer, sexier accent. just don’t proununce it like Justin or joss-teen, please. I had a teacher in Kindergarten that pronounced it that way like joking. I didn’t like that joke, ugh. but I was a little girl, I didn’t have the guts to say anything. now that I’m all grown-up I have to pick my battles.

ah, you can also call me just Jus (like juice) and I’m ok with that.

is your name like Justine from Justine by Marquis de Sade?

yes, but I wasn’t named like that because of that Justine.

what other pop culture examples can we find with your name in it?

well, the main character of Raw is called Justine. there’s also a Miguel Bosé song called like that. in the Smashing Pumpkins’ 1979 they say Justine never knew the rules. there should be a ton of other examples out there.

so why did your parents name you Justine?

my dad’s name was Agustín and he always wanted to have a boy. he grew up among women, just like my mom. when they had their first baby, it was a girl. they where hooooping the second kid would be a boy. according to many people, I was going to be a boy (?). they were going to name me Agustín, just like my dad. they didn’t think about other options.

and then I was born. and I was a girl… bummer. I mean, they obviously loved me anyway but they hadn’t thought on another name.

at that time, my mom watched a French soap opera called Lazy (I think). it was about 4 girlfriends and one of them was called Justine. I have tried to research a bit more on this but I can’t find anything. just like that 90s show where a girl was able to stop time because she was an extraterrestrial.

Justine sounded a bit like Agustín so they decided that would be a good name. and that’s also the story of how TV has defined my life choices since I can remember.

you know there are wars and people suffering and your name is the least important world problem, right?

yes, I know. I even have bigger problems than my name. but you don’t have to correct EVERYDAY people because they don’t write or pronounce your name correctly. when I was writing this a guy came to deliver a package. the friend this package was for wasn’t here so I had to receive it and this happened:

guy: what’s your name?

me: Justine. written like jay, u, s, tee, i, en, e.

guy: with a y? (??????????????????????????)

me: no, with a jay


any other thing we should know?

in representation of all the people in the world that have uncommon names I beg you to pay attention. it’s awful to get your name wrong all the time. I know most of the times this is not on purpose but I believe we can be better persons, ok?



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