some weeks ago I got invited to the Tec de Monterrey Puebla (my alma mater!) to speak to the graduates. OH MY GOD. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I graduated. it’s been 6 years… 6 years! it was cool to tell them about how life is not at all as how you picture it when you’re studying. for me it has been kinda different since I’ve always worked on my own. I’ve never gone to a job interview. I’ve never had a salary (!). it has been beautiful, terrifying and satisfying at the same time.

I even made a nice presentation with all my designer abilites 👇👇👇

lo que he aprendido desde que me gradué

it happened and at least I could tell them about my side of the story. the truth is I hadn’t even thought about what I had or hadn’t done. these years felt like running in a hamster wheel.


this talk helped me think about my accomplishments but most of all, about what I’ve learned so far. soooooo… fasten your seat belt! this will be a long-ish post.

note: why 6 things? because it has been 6 years, bye.

so you were super succesful while studying? well, that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in life

before graduating I had the chance to do a lot of stuff. I won contests and prizes, worked in really cool places, almost never studied and passed everything with flying colors, handed in mediocre essays and had great notes, etc. and then I graduated. with very high self-esteem and acting all brave and cocky I decided to create my own business. and FUCK I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

of course, everybody tells you it’s not gonna be easy. BUT with everything I’ve already “accomplished” I felt like everybody had a difficult time because they weren’t as smart as me. HA HA HA. joke’s on you, Justine! everybody is smarter than you, they also have better ideas and you know nothing about life, Jon Snow.

everything I made while studying was of use, I’m not denying that. the thing is that you’re in a place where everything’s nice, they’re telling you how good you are all the time and how amazing life will be once you graduate. AND YOU BELIEVE IT.

worst case scenario you graduate and are successful. best case scenario you graduate, get a reality check somewhere along the way, get over that, keep working and make your dreams come true (although everybody just keeps working I guess).

failing doesn’t suck that much

success, failure, learning

emphasis on that because even if you learn a lot from mistakes, I’d rather never fail haha. not true. mistakes are the best thing evaaaaar and it’s not that bad to fail. when I was preparing the presentation I stumbled across this post on Medium that talks about the antimistake culture. tl;dr the culture where we live in doesn’t give mistakes the praise they deserve. nothing new BUT it means there’s a lot of pressure to avoid mistakes.

everybody expects things from you. ok. you’ve graduated. and now? what will you do? where are you going to work? oh… really, you want to work in that? ah, so you’re not going to work. you’ll have your own business? you don’t have insurance? so you don’t actually work? how much are you making? ah, you’re not making anything? PRESSUREEEEE.

another difficult thing to know is what to do after you fail. there are people that live their lives in denial, thinking the problem was the others. the best people learn from that and move on. the best people try again and fail again. there’s no shame in that.

the good news is that after failing, the next failure doesn’t hurt that much. you basically get used to being a loser. haha kidding. or am I? during the talk someone asked me how I was certain that my current business was going to work. I answered that I didn’t know but that I felt more confident now. it’s like when my mom had me. I’m the second child so she wasn’t that afraid of me falling down or getting sick. I basically raised myself (I’M JUST JOKING MOOOOOOOOOOM!).

and that’s the beauty of mistakes. with every mistake you’re more confident on what you’re doing next.

just get started, goddammit!

don’t ever think you don’t know enough to get started

this one isn’t mine. I stole it from a very talented friend. youth gives you this. nobody is born knowing how to be good at something, how to have your own business, how to freelance or how to change the time of the microwave. everything comes with experience. if you don’t get started, you’ll never know if you like it or not, if you’re good enough or if you should just do something else. quoting Michael Scott:

– Justine Camacho

you just have to take the opportunities as they come. of course, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll feel as if you don’t know what you’re doing but fake it ’til you make it. just get started.

money, money, money, money, money


some weeks ago during a business meeting (haha wow), we were talking about entrepreneurship (wow again haha). somebody there talked about his personal experience. he graduated, had a great idea, build up his business, got great funding and then… BOOM. bankruptcy. they didn’t have enough experience and bye.

nice that they tried but wtf. like I picture myself losing 50 pesos and I cry. can’t picture the other thing. AND THAT’S WHY IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO KNOW HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY. it doesn’t matter if you have a salary.

as I’ve never had a fixed salary I’ve had to learn how to save, manage and spend with caution. I’ve taken a looooot of bad decisions like that time I bought some running shoes. obviously, money isn’t everything BUT when you’re not worried about how you’ll pay for food or the rent, you can focus better at your job.

it’s also super important to identify what’s worth spending money FOR YOU. there’s a lot of people that are like duuuude, collect moments, not things and stuff like that. first of all, shut up. second of all, you can spend money on whatever the fuck you want. ok?

so if you want to work to have a nice car and that’s important for you, go for it. if you want to travel the world, go for it. just don’t get in debt.

don’t be afraid to adulting

in my mind, I’m still like 22. I’d like to worry just about the next thing I’ll binge-watch. but no, I’m 29. I have to pay rent, food, an accountant (wtf), I’ve to take business decisions 4 realz haha, take care of a cat and a dog… if you’re reading this and have a real family, you’ll surely be thinking I know nothing about life haha sorraaay.

an example. I was terrified to start paying taxes. it was something I avoided until I couldn’t. it wasn’t as awful as I thought. I do have to make invoices, be more aware of my money, pay taxes, but that’s life.

there are a lot of things that I’m afraid of and I don’t do… YET. there are other things that I don’t and it’s cool, like not feeling FOMO when I don’t want to go out or be completely honest with my TV preferences (they’re not even guilty pleasures anymore ✌).

success looks different for everyone and that’s ok

there’s people that waaant to have a cool apartment. others only work to be able to travel. some people work so their families are fine even if their work is awful. AND THAT’S OK.

I guess this is what’s been tougher to me. comparison is there ALL THE TIME. your definition of success will change all the time. some years ago, the idea of being successful is completely different from the one I have now.

expectations also change all the time but the important thing here is to just live up to your own expectations. they said it better in 10 things I hate about you:

this is super hard because EVERYBODY IS EXPECTING SOMETHING FROM YOU ALL THE TIME. it’s a lot of pressure and it’s awful but if you truly want to do what you want to do (whatever that is) you have to keep working. the worst thing that can happen is that you could fail… and that doesn’t suck that much.

so if you read up until here, wow! thank you. this is what I’ve learned. the best thing about this is that I still have a lot to learn and I’m not ready but I’m already here, so there’s no other option. growing and learning is nice.

ah! and a bonus:

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