about me

about me

you just need to know one thing about me:

but, if you wanna know more… here are 6 fun facts (not really) about me:

  • I live in Cholula, Mexico
  • I’m a big faaaaaaan of pop culture
  • I like writing A LOOOOOT
  • I was born on May 27th
  • my Patronus is a chow chow (?)
  • I love playing Scrabble, gelatos, quesadillas… and ESQUITES!

but, on a more serious note, I’m a content creator. I’ve been so for the past 8 years. creating content has been my life for almost every day for the past 2,920 days… minus vacations, holidays, sick days, weekends, birthdays, World Cups, days when Mexico participated in the Olympics, the day when Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life premiered, and that day I missed the bus because I was buying champurrado. check some of what I do here.

and this is me in 1995:

you still wanna know more? here you can listen to what I’m listening RIGHT MEOOOOW:

still want to know moooooooore? go to my Twitter, I’m always saying something super important there.